Ceremonial  Grade  Matcha

Our ceremonial grade organic matcha is one of the highest quality matcha green tea you will find in China.Organically and shade grown.This ceremonial grade has a bright green color, with a delicate taste.




Premium Grade Matcha

Our second grade of matcha is premium grade organic matcha, which is often used for drinking. It’s also good for cooking, which is still a very high quality tea, just with a slightly yellow color and a different taste than ceremonial grade matcha.


Flavored Matcha

Our featured matcha product.premium grade organic matcha green tea mix with a natural flavor,brings a brand new taste.We have 26 different flavors matcha available:Strawberry matcha  Blueberry matcha .Vanilla matcha.Mango matcha.Pomegranate matcha.Banana matcha.Soursop matcha.Guava matcha.Mulberry matcha.Lemon matcha.Mint matcha.Coconut matcha .Orange matcha.Raspberry matcha.Soy bean milk matcha.Cinnamon matcha.Apple matcha.Peach matcha.Citrus matcha.Turmeric & ginger matcha.Kiwi matcha .Water melon matcha.Chocolate matcha.Cappuccino matcha.Morcha matcha.Strong aroma matcha

Matcha Capsule

Our matcha capsules are filled with our ceremonial grade organic matcha green tea. People will get the same benefits as the highest Matcha Green Teas but no matcha taste.