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Does your business searching for a supplier of premium Chinese teas and Matcha tea?

East Tea is a grower and manufacturer of high quality matcha tea products and Chinese teas such as Ceremonial Matcha,Flavored Matcha Tea ,Matcha Tea Capsule,Dragon Well,Jasmine Pearl and more

Our mission at East Tea is to manufacture and offer fine teas with reasonable prices to all over the world.We strive to provide only the highest grade teas as well as services,all of which cannot be easily provided by other tea supplier.


For over 20 years, the East Tea has built our business on providing extraordinary teas at incomparable value to tea importers,wholesalers and small tea business owners all over the world.

East Tea history begins in 1992 after our founder Yuan Shao Hua has been working at tea industry for decades.He thought it was the time to establish his own company.After did some researches he learned that people in foreign countries don’t have opportunity to drink fine teas as Chinese people do.So he decide to exports our teas to foreign markets.As people in western countries concern about the chemicals of Chinese teas,Mr.Yuan decided to grow and process organic teas several years ago. East Tea is one the earliest organic certified tea grower and company in China.

Today, we are located in Lin’an, Hang Zhou,A famous region of green tea.We have 5 tea farms and 3 factories.total area of all farms is 1800000 ㎡(444.8 acres).East Tea features of organic teas and some conventional teas, ranging from matcha tea and Green Teas to Black Teas and White Teas,detox teas and Tea Bags.

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We have 5 tea farms,which are located in Zhejiang province. The total area of all farms is 1800000㎡(444.8 acres). All our tea farms are certified organic. All farms have been exporting teas to USA,European,South Africa,Brazil,Japan and the Middle East For several Decades.Tea farm management is a important factor for the quality of teas.Our experts have been working in this field for decades. We’re one of the earliest organic tea grower in China. We manure our tea farms with organic fertilizer.Killing insects by solar insects killer lamps. It’s much more difficult to manage a organic tea farm than a normal tea farm. But it’s worth it.


As a Chinese tea manufacturer and supplier,East Tea is able to supply customers carious kinds of teas including Matcha tea,Black tea,Green tea,White tea,Tea bags,Oolong tea,Pu-erh tea,Blooming tea and Detox tea with a very competitive price.

We believe that quality is the most important factor for our company. In order to ensure our quality and supply the best teas to our customers,our farm and teas are certified organic. We also have BRC,HACCP,QS certificates etc. We are have to provide our certificates to our customers if required.


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